COVERT — Sensible Vision, a provider of facial recognition technology for computer login, says it has received praise from the early beta testers of a new app that brings its technology to Apple and Android mobile users.

FastAccess Anywhere securely replaces passwords with a face for fast and easy log in to devices, apps and Web sites.

Phase 1 Beta testers cited the freedom they gained as a result of using the app. They reported greater confidence in accessing sensitive information like bank, travel and shopping sites from their phones and tablets. The speed and accuracy of the app were seen as critical. Early response from the testers also highlighted FastAccess Anywhere’s customizable settings.

FastAccess Anywhere uses a combination of your face and a gesture to deliver very fast recognition with unmatched accuracy. This approach rules out photo and video attacks while maintaining optimal speed and battery life. For users installing on more than one device, FastAccess Anywhere delivers instant website and app password synchronization between them all.

“FastAccess makes it easy and fun to use your phone or tablet to its fullest,” said George Brostoff, CEO of Sensible Vision. “It eliminates the frustration of logging in, providing fast, convenient access. It can also be easily adjusted to each person’s preferences and needs.”

On Android systems FastAccess extends the functionality even further, allowing just confidential apps to be secured, eliminating the need to lock the entire device. Users easily access the phone, games and weather without the need to unlock. Meanwhile, all the critical data is strongly protected.

FastAccess Anywhere early release opportunities are available for press and bloggers. Please contact

Sensible Vision has earned a solid reputation with their face recognition software for computer login, with over six million paid licenses worldwide of FastAccess. While improving security beyond passwords, the software remedies the frustration of remembering and typing passwords. The mobile app was born out of the need for mobile security and the challenge of typing passwords on small touchscreen keyboards.

FastAccess Anywhere will be available for purchase on the Android and iTunes markets by June 30, the company said.


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