Get all of your clue’s here starting at 7:00 am so you can find the gnome and get Wings Playoff tickets.

Clue #1 –  Here is the gnome you are looking for.

Clue # 2 – He is North of the Joe Louis Arena

Clue # 3 – He may have some frost on him if you find him

Clue # 4 – He is West of I-75

Clue # 5 – He is South of I-96

Clue # 6 – This 4 letter city isn’t a swear word

Clue # 7 – He wants to play some hockey, he just can’t get in yet

Clue # 8 – You and the “C”aptain can make it happen

Clue # 9 – If he was on this street 2 years ago, he would be on Arena Drive

Clue # 10 – He is at the Sports Club of Novi on Nick Lidstrom Drive under the big sign

Congrats to Chris from Roseville for bringing the gnome home to the Ticket!

Check back to this page for the rest of the clues!

Here is our winner Chris Miller of Roseville

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