Governor Rick Snyder joined the show to talk about the Detroit consent agreement, white supremacy and more.

Why weren’t the union concessions offered in Detroit enough? Snyder said that they really needed, in addition to the financial savings, more flexible work rules. Efficiency starts with work rules that allow for opportunities to be more innovative. He wants the city to take the lead on that with the state being a supportive resource. He believes that changes will lead to additional money savings. Police and Fire are areas where changing how things work might lead to money savings without massive cuts.

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During some of the public hearings, Snyder was called a white supremacist. In the Governor’s view, this is all part of the dialogue that happens and he knows that while the agreement wasn’t about race,  he can understand people’s perceptions. He hopes to continue a dialogue with citizens to keep the lines of communication open and help people understand what’s going on and why.

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Listen to the full interview below:

Gov. Rick Snyder interview

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