ROYAL OAK (WWJ) – Beaumont will soon be the first hospital in the Midwest to offer clinical treatment for victims of bullying.

Dr. Marlene Seltzer, who is heading up the program, said the hospital plans to open a center at its Royal Oak site that would offer therapy and a hotline for kids who need it.

“As we’re becoming more and more aware of how vast the problem bullying is, and there’s been increased attention to the issue itself and also prevention in schools, there’s really nothing on the other side to help these children who are suffering. And because of that, you know, we’re reading things about the suicides that children are chosing death over school. So, we need to be able to provide some sort of service for those kids who are really struggling,” said Seltzer.

The center, called No Bullying: Live Empowered — or NoBLE — is expected to open in May and will offer therapy and a hotline to kids who have been bullied.

Seltzer said one of the main goals is to develop ways to partner families teachers, and healthcare providers to help address bullying and its impact.

“Right now, if you’re asking physicians or schools to really try to identify who is really suffering, there’s not very many resources to send them to. What do you do with that information once you have it? So, we really saw that as a need, that we really need to be able to help those children who are suffering,” said Seltzer.

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