By: Sara

If you have listened to the Stoney and Bill show on 97.1, then you know that Stoney is one of the world’s most dedicated Bruce Springsteen fans. In fact, Stoney has travelled to over a hundred shows! He calls it his drug. I thought it was starting to sound like a cult or the mafia. People would warn me that once you are in, you are in for life. After catching my first Bruce show Tuesday night, I finally understand what they are talking about. I don’t know if I will ever get to the Mike Stone level, but when Springsteen comes back to Detroit, I will be there.

My original intention was to catch the show at the Palace last week, but when that wasn’t going to work out, Stoney hatched a plan. A plan the included road tripping to the Cleveland concert and sleeping at the radio station. It didn’t sound like a good idea in theory, and it wasn’t a good idea in practice (brutal, brutal hours), but the show was worth it. Three hours of non-stop passion and performance!

Thank you Stoney, I had a blast!

Here is the audio from our show this morning talking about their experience.

Here are a few pictures from last night

Here is Stoney before the show started

Stoney and Sara with their signs

Anyone else notice that Stoney got distracted by something shinny in the distance

Sara trying to get some sleep in the car on ride back to Detroit

Here are some videos that Sara took from last night’s show.

Here is Sara interviewing Stoney before Bruce took the stage.

Here is the the song they started with “Badlands”. They kept the stadium lights on during the whole song.


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