By: Scott Anderson

That’s the big question that resonates throughout Hockeytown and most fans at this point will tell you no way. Though my head concurs that they don’t have a shot at coming back from being down 3 games to 1, my heart is refusing to let go. How can they possibly come back from such a deficit? I offer several reasons that even my head will have to concede.

First, History says it really isn’t impossible. Dan Miller from Fox 2 says that around 9% of the teams that get down 3-1 in the series have come back to win…so there’s that!

B. It’s not like Nashville has outplayed Detroit in the series. In fact, I think the Wings have played much better in 3 of the 4, unfortunately, they have but one win. They need some bounces to go their way while playing with the same intensity they had in Game 4, if they do, they should win Game 5.

Lastly, If the Wings win in Nashville, the series comes back to Detroit and I highly doubt that the Wings would drop three games in a row at home to the same opponent. The experience this team has far outweighs that of the Predators, that’s why they’ve taken such a cool approach.

For the record, I am not a moron, I still think the Preds will prevail eventually, but the possibility does loom that we will see another Game 7 and perhaps another round of hockey in our future. For this to happen, guys have to step up. I said it from the onset, your best players have to play their best and the goaltending has to be solid. Now is the time.


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