DETROIT (WWJ) – The Detroit International Bridge Company is undertaking a drive to let the citizens of Michigan vote on the fate of a new bridge over the Detroit River.

Owners of the Ambassador Bridge say they are backing a statewide ballot proposal that would prohibit the state from developing a new U.S. to Canada bridge or tunnel unless voters approve.

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Matt Maroun, Vice Chair of the Ambassador Bridge, said it’s important for the public to have a say in this matter.

“People can decide whether or not they want the Governor to make a decision as to whether or not our state builds a new multi-million dollar bridge,” said Maroun.

The petition will take 300,000 signatures to get on the November ballot.

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“I’m supporting a petition drive by a ballot committee that would merely suggest to the voters of the state of Michigan that on such an important issue of building a multi-million dollar bridge that that decision be required to be passed by a vote of the people of the state of Michigan,” said Maroun.

This is how the Ambassador Bridge project originated almost 100 years ago.

“When a Detroit Entrepreneur in the 1920s decided that he wanted to build a bridge, he had to go to the vote of the people. And only after the people decided that that bridge should be built, was it in fact built,” said Maroun.

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Gov. Rick Snyder wants to build a second bridge to Canada, but he’s failed to convince enough lawmakers.