Wondering if your pre-teen trumpet player is learning anything by being in the band?  Reality is – yes.

Studies have shown that skills learned through the discipline of music transfers to other skills that students use in their core classes. It teaches them good study habits, communication skills and cognitive skills (thinking, reasoning and remembering).

Also, students who perform as part of an ensemble – like the jazz band – adapt well to the school environment and work effectively within it.  Brain development in children is linked to music discipline, too.

When tested, children with musical training had significantly better verbal memory than those who didn’t have training. And finally, data from The College Board shows that students who took four years of high school music (and arts) scored 102 points better on their SATs than students who took only one-half year or less.

So… encourage the musician within your children and watch them develop beyond band class.

Content provided by Oakland University.


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