By: Mike Stone

It is better to be the last pick in the NFL draft than the next to last pick. Why is that, well it is simple. The last pick of the draft gets dubbed with the title Mr. Irrelevant, which comes with perks. The winner and his family gets a week trip to Newport, Calif., where there is a golf tournament named after him, a regatta. And of course there’s the prestigious Lowsman Trophy. Basically, it’s like being the ugliest chick in a brothel, you still get picked, but you feel like crap. The first Mr. Irrelevant title was given out in 1976. Notables who’ve gotten it since then include former Kansas City quarterback Bill Kenney, Steelers offensive lineman Tyrone McGriff, and former Michigan center Matt Elliott. The Lions have had two Mr.Irrelevants, Ramzee Robinson in 2007 and the beloved Tim Toone in 2010.

I can’t predict who this year’s Mr. Irrelevant will be, but I can tell you they will be given a chance at a very special perk. A woman in New York has offered Mr. Irrelevant one night where he can be extremely relevant if you catch my drift. Here is her proposal to the 2012 Mr. Irrelevant.


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