Bill came out of the gate ready to play this year. In the 1st round Bill had the 2nd pick and selected Colombian firecracker Sophia Vergera.

Bill McAllister: “She and I would make a great Modern Family”


In the 2nd round Bill started his back to back run of Victoria Secret models. With the 4th pick he selected South African Candice Swanepoel.

Bill McAllister: “People say she’s too thin. YOU try eating enough to fill a 5’10” sexy frame”


In the 3rd round Bill once again went to the well of wealth that is Victoria Secret and selected Miranda Kerr with the 4th pick.

Bill McAllister: “The face, the boobs, the legs, the butt…she’s purty”


The 4th round was an exciting one for Bill. He decided to go with a little bit of an unknown scarlet. With the 1st pick Bill selected former playboy coed and current G4TV presenter Sara Jean Underwood.

Bill McAllister: “I feel like I got lucky with SJU. She’s new to the scene and the others weren’t aware of her. This is why it pays to have great scouts”


With his final pick of the 2012 Hottie Of The Day draft Bill had the 5th pick and selected the very busty Kelly Brook.

Bill McAllister: “A british accent with huge boobs, what more can you ask for!”


Please vote below on who had the best draft!

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