The Listeners picks came from a different Stoney and Bill listener every round. In the 1st round The Listeners drew the 5th pick and Jeremy from Whitmore Lake selected Mila Kunis.

Stoney: “A fine selection, she has stayed hot for while now and will stand the test of time”


In the 2nd round The Listeners had the 3rd pick and Josh from Warren called in to select a sexy lady for geeks all around Kaley Cuoco

Sara: “This pick may have cost them the win. Her hottest days are behind her.”


The 3rd round may have been the best for The Listeners when Ted from Melvindale called in and selected Stacy Keibler with the 5th pick.

Evan Jankens (Webmaster for 97.1 The Ticket): “She is smoking hot. What a steal in the 3rd round. She has 1st round potential all the way. I am shocked she dropped down this far.”


The 4th round for The Listeners put a dagger through Sara’s heart when they stole her pick as Doug in Warren took Alice Eve with the 2nd pick.

Tony Ortiz: “She was on my list for a 5th rounder. Great pickup for them. She will definitively help their team.”


To round out the Listeners 2012 Hottie Of The Day Draft they selected 4th and that’s when Dave from Livonia called in and selected Roselyn Sanchez.

Bill McAllister: “A much better pick than Tony’s 5th round pick”


Please vote below on who had the best draft!


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