DETROIT (WWJ) – A $50,000 reward is being offered for tips in the case of a northwest Detroit party store owner who was gunned down outside his business on Tuesday.

Faraj “Fred” Dally, 63, once led the Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers, an organization representing 4,000 party store and gas station owners in Michigan and surrounding states.

The AFPD CEO Auday Arabo said he hopes someone comes forward.

“We’re not going to bring Fred back, but we’re not going to let a bunch of thugs squeeze the life out of the community. Fred wouldn’t want it to happen. That’s why he stayed here,” Arabo said.

“A lot of people in the retailer community had come to Fred over the years and said, ‘Fred, everything is gone. Why are you still here?’ He said, ‘This is my family. These are my people. This is my community,'” Arabo said.

Neighbors call Daily a local hero, often helping out customers who needed it.

Arabo said Dally bled for this community and his death won’t pass quietly.

“The people of Detroit are sick and tired of good people getting killed with these senseless, violent acts,” Arabo said. “If somebody like Fred who believes and stays here is shot down, then who is safe?”

Police said Dally was shot in the head on the sidewalk as he prepared to open his shop “The Medicine Chest.”

There have been no arrests.

Detroit police inspector Duane Blackman said anyone who saw something is obligated to tell the truth. He said there is a new state law that punishes people who lie to police.

“The significance of that is it allows us challenge you about the information that you provide,” Blackman said. “And if you purposely, willfully. and wantonly provide false information, you will be prosecuted for that,” adding that police know there are people out there who know who committed this crime.

“Do not get caught with information that you could have provided before we find out,” he said.

Detroit Police are asking anyone with information to call 313-596-2260.