TROY — Troy-based Altair Engineering Inc., developer of the HyperWorks computer-aided engineering software suite, announced the addition of C&R Technologies’ Sinaps and Sinda/Fluint thermal and fluid design software to the array of applications available through the HyperWorks Partner Alliance.

Sinaps combined with Sinda/Fluint is a comprehensive finite-difference, lumped parameter tool for heat transfer design analysis and fluid flow analysis in complex systems. It is used by more than 500 companies globally spanning the aerospace, electronics, petrochemical, biomedical, and automotive industries.

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Sinaps provides flow modeling analysis allowing abstraction and simplification of complex systems.

Altair HyperWorks customers can access Sinaps and Sinda/Fluint through the HWPA, a suite of third-party applications from HyperWorks partners that can be employed with the same units used to invoke HyperWorks software. The flexibility of these HyperWorks Units empowers users to deploy the largest and most complete suite of CAE applications available at no incremental cost and with no long-term commitment.

“Sinda/Fluint has provided users with reputable heat transfer and fluid flow design and analysis software, which has proven itself repeatedly for several decades,” said Brent Cullimore, president of C&R Technologies. “This extensible tool saves time and money by giving users the means to better understand complex systems. Sinaps and Sinda/Fluint are used in a diverse number of industries, including electronics, automotive, petrochemical, and aerospace, for the analysis of transient two-phase flow, compressors and turbines, automated calibration to test data, and for space exploration applications. With Sinaps and Sinda/Fluint’s addition to the HyperWorks Partner Alliance, C&R Technologies has the opportunity to leverage Altair’s global customer base to reach and empower engineers in new markets.”

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Sinaps provides advanced off-the-shelf thermohydraulic model systems while also providing an advanced design module for design optimization, test correlation, and reliability engineering. Sinaps can also be used to analyze turbomachinery and rotating passages for secondary flows. The thermophysical property database manager supports temperature-dependent properties and the fluid property library contains more than 100 working fluids, plus the option to add user-defined fluids. Post-processing capabilities allow users to visualize results, and integration with Microsoft Excel allow for tabular data postprocessing and plotting. This software is useful for engines, spacecraft and launch vehicle thermal analysis, electronics, turbomachinery, oil and gas pipelines, and alternative energy systems.

“Adding leading solutions such as Sinaps and Sinda/Fluint to our current technology lineup will deepen the thermal analysis offering available to our global user base,” said Antoine Poussier, vice president of global partner programs at Altair. “This new partnership demonstrates once again Altair’s commitment to bringing its customers the most comprehensive platform of on-demand CAE applications delivered through its innovative licensing model.”

The HWPA provides one of the most comprehensive offerings of software applications across multiple relevant domains related to computer-aided engineering. With the addition of C&R Technologies’ software, the flexibility of the HyperWorks Units extends even further and increases the overall value of HyperWorks to its customers.

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