By Greg Bowman

ROYAL OAK (WWJ) Look for big things this year from singer-songwriter Jill Jack of Ferndale. She is celebrating the release of her new CD “Sunflower Girl” Saturday night with a show at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  And Jack has just signed with Ashton Consulting and Management, a West Coast development group that promises to bring her more national exposure.  In 2011, Jack opened for Bob Seger on his national concert tour.

Jack–the winner of numerous Detroit Music Awards– is excited about her new album.   “I love it,” Jack told WWJ. “A lot of times, when you finish an album, you don’t even want to hear it because you’ve been working on it so long.  But this is one of those CDs I even play in my own car and turn it up really loud and listen to it while I’m driving around the city.

“The thing I really like about it is that 80 percent of the songs were written on the road. So I relive that every time I hear them, and where I was, what state I was in, what hotel room I was in. And it brings back really good memories for me.”

While more people may be downloading their music now, Jack says CDs still play a very important role for artists and fans.  “People bring the experience home with them.  They’re not just buying the CD. They’re buying the experience itself, the show itself.  They talk about the show.  They’re excited to be the first one to get the album.”  And Jack says it’s great for her too.  “It’s kind of a celebration of the work that was put into recording the album, and sharing it with my band.  And the CD release party is always a fun night.”

Other local musicians have left Detroit to seek fame and fortune in New York, LA, or Nashville. But Jack says she’s not moving. “I love Michigan.  And I think most people know I’m a huge supporter of Detroit and the Detroit music scene,” said Jack, who is the voice of the “I’m A Believer” campaign promoting Detroit.

“I will have to spend time on the West Coast and Nashville now, but my home is my home.  Michigan does something for me that no other state does.  I’ve travelled all over the country and the world in the last ten or 15 years.  And like Dorothy says, ‘There’s no place like home.’”

Jill Jack and her band hold their CD release party for “Sunflower Girl” Saturday night at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  Doors open at 7:30pm.  General admission tickets are $25. Get tickets HERE.


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