By: Ryan Wooley

As the weather continues to get warmer and we quickly approach summer, I got to thinking about the songs that I love hearing during the Spring that gets me ready for one of my favorite seasons.

You know the songs I’m talking about right? The ones when you’re driving down the road or listening to the radio at your house that instantly makes you think of past summers with the late night bonfires, bbqs, old relationships or spending the day on the water.
Below are my favorite, but what are yours?

#1 “Summertime” by Will Smith

This song epitomizes what summer is all about. Laying around, hanging out with friends, wiping your car down to show it off, and grilling. Truly an instant classic and one that will always be around.

#2 “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Crofts

There is just something so calming about this song. The lyrics are great, but I think the title is what truly stands out because everyone enjoys a summer breeze in a different way. Whether it’s laying in a hammock, sitting on the deck having a cold one, or just taking a walk, the breeze that hits you lets you know summer has arrived.

#3 “Boys Of Summer” by Don Henley

Whenever I hear Boys Of Summer I think about the end of August and the start of September, which is the unofficial start to the Fall and when a lot people are wrapping up their summer plans and preparing for the cold. It’s a song that allows you to reflect on what great summers you’ve had and what past relationships got away.

#4 “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper

This one speaks for itself. A song that has and will always transcend generations and the true anthem for all kids at any age as they anxiously await the final bell to allow them to enjoy their freedom for a few months.

#5 “Wipeout” by The Surfaris

Is there truly another song that has no lyrics throughout the song that gets you tapping your toes and banging your steering wheel? Another true classic that instantly makes me think of the beach or attending a Hawaiian party.

Honorable Mention: “Thong Song” by Sisqo

This brings back so many memories for me as it came out my Sophomore year of high school and really was the true coming out party for many women across the country to embrace the thong, even though it had been around for a while. Sisqo knew what he was talking about with wanting to see the thong and now days you can’t go to the beach without seeing some women in a thong bikini. Thank you Sisqo.

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