WIXOM — Railmark Holdings Inc., a company trying to “green up” the railroad industry, said Thursday it had launched two new product lines designed to make the railroad industry a little more green and efficient.

Railmark’s new Railheat products use a new far infrared technology that is safer for the environment and extremely energy efficient t prevent freezing in railroad equipment and operations.

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Railmark now offers heating panels for crossing gate mechanism boxes, heating panels for maintaining heat on locomotives and other equipment, heating wraps for pipes and water tanks in passenger cars and locomotives, heating for locomotive seats, and passenger car electric heating systems.

Railmark says the Railheat products are lightweight, use 95 percent of their energy for heat conversion, have a 50,000 hour operational life and are safer for the environment because they do not contain metal, do not put off any emissions or sound, and efficiently use power.

This technology has successfully heated locomotives and rail equipment in Russia’s Siberian territory. Railmark says it believes that this technology is the answer to freezing water systems in passenger cars and will economically prevent failures in crossing gates due to freezing weather.

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Railheat products are available in 24 Volt DC and 110, 240 and 480 Volt AC with varying wattages.

Railmark’s Track Works Inc. subsidiary has also rolled out a new line of premium quality bio-based, biodegradable rail curve and switch lubricants. Ultralube railroad lubricants are manufactured from renewable oils from crops grown in the United States. These products have four times more lubricity than petroleum-based greases and oils while offering better performance for rail lubricators and switch components and improve safety for employees and the environment. These new products meet EPA’s Environmental Preferable Purchasing criteria and are non-toxic.

“The promotion of these products coincide with our slogan and commitment to delivering ‘A New Train of Thought,'” said Railmark president and CEO B. Allen Brown. “These products bring immediate solutions to the railroad industry in areas needing of change. Railmark continues to invest in research and development and looks forward to additional eco-safe product launches continuing through this year.”

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More at www.railmark.com.