DETROIT (WWJ) – Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says several companies in the auto industry that left Michigan may soon be returning.

Because of a mismatch between employer expectations and the skill set of cheap labor, Snyder said, many companies are left without what he calls the most important trait of an auto worker – talent.

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Snyder met with new hires at Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hills Monday morning to discuss what is expected of them. “One of the things we need to do is making sure we’re being very competitive in terms of having such high-quality talent,” he said.

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Snyder said outside training and education is the best way to bridge the gap between what employers want and what they get.

“Most likely you’re gonna need to get some additional training to be a skilled machinist,” he said. “You’re gonna need some community college training and some other resources to be successful.”

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Although Michigan unemployment rates are dropping and personal income is improving, Snyder said the state still has work to do.