BIRMINGHAM (WWJ) – If you like crude, rude humor, then you’re sure to like “The Dictator.” If not, you’ll want to steer clear of this latest effort from Sacha Baron Cohen.

Although it’s obvious this movie is a comedy, it makes fun of people in the worst, stereotypical way possible. Cohen portrays Admiral General Aladeen, the Supreme Leader of the People’s Republic of Wadiya, a fictitious Arab country in Africa.

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Aladeen travels to New York to deliver a speech and while there, his assault on any and everyone who looks different than him or thinks differently than he does begins. He uses terms such as “Blackie,” when referring to a Black man, and as the movie wraps up, he asks his new wife – who has just announced her pregnancy – if she’s having “a boy or an abortion.” And throughout the movie, there’s much more – and some movie watchers may even say – much worse.

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“The Dictator” is in theaters now.

Visit the official website here.

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