DETROIT (WWJ) – About 200 Detroit prison workers could be losing their jobs.

That’s because the Department of Corrections announced it’s planning to close the Ryan Correctional Facility in Detroit and ship 1,000 inmates to a prison in Muskegon, which is reopening.

State Senator Glenn Anderson is against the decision. He said the move will cause discipline problems among prisoners because it will be too far for many families to visit.

“It is something that the officials of any prison use as a reward system for prisoners that are on good behavior, to allow them to continue to have visits from their families,” said Anderson.

“If they misbehave and cause problems, then it’s something that can be revoked. But if they don’t have access to them anyway, I think it’s going to have an effect on the behavior of prisoners,” he said.

State Senator Glenn Anderson opposes the move.

“If you stop and think about the logistics of transferring a thousand prisoners across the entire state and the problems that it’s going to bring, and the fact that it’s a prison that’s 17 years older than the facility that they’re taking them from, in the long run I believe that it will cost the state taxpayers more money as well as probably lead to unsafe conditions within that prison,” Anderson said.

The Department of Corrections said it would still utilize the Ryan facility to house parole violators.


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