DETROIT (WWJ) – Pedicures are seen as the must have summer beauty treatment by many people, but not checking the cleanliness of your salon may lead to a MRSA bacterial infection.

Jeffrey Frederick, a podiatrist at NorthPointe Foot & Ankle in Berkley, said that a MRSA infection is far worse than a normal infection.

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“We all have staff bacteria on our skin, but over the last few years this super bacteria has come to light and it makes the symptoms of a normal infection far worse,” said Frederick.  “… If you’ve gone for a pedicure and [see] some redness on the side of your nails it may be a MURSA infection …”

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If you notice any of these symptoms you should talk to your doctor immediately.  Because MRSA is resistant to many penicillin antibiotics, the infection may be difficult to treat with standard antibiotics.

“You can’t just say go home and soak your toe and it’ll go away,” said Frederick.  “It needs to be managed with antibiotics appropriately that’ll kill the MRSA bacteria.”

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The MRSA bacterium seems to be everywhere and the problem can be passed along by anyone sharing footwear or a bed.  The likelihood of contracting a MRSA infection is greater in a nail salon because of close contact with skin that may be carrying the MRSA bacterium.