TROY — Altair, developer of the popular HyperWorks computer-aided engineering software suite, announced the addition of Anaglyph’s software LAP and CoDA tools to the assortment of applications available through the HyperWorks Partner Alliance.

LAP and CoDA products from Anaglyph are used predominantly throughout the preliminary design cycle for the analysis and design optimization of composite structural components.

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Altair HyperWorks customers can access LAP and CoDA through the HWPA, a suite of third-party applications from HyperWorks partners that can be employed with the same units used to invoke HyperWorks software. The flexibility of these HyperWorks Units empowers users to deploy the largest and most complete suite of CAE applications available at no incremental cost and with no long-term commitment.

“Anaglyph has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Altair through integration with HyperWorks products and is excited to further the partnership by adding CoDA and LAP to the Partner Alliance,” said George Kretsis, CEO of Anaglyph Ltd. “Both are versatile tools used by designers and researchers alike in more than 30 countries across the world and are renowned as powerful, yet user friendly. They are applicable to a broad range of sectors in the preliminary design process; and now that they are available through the partner program, they will be accessible to an even wider range of customers in a variety of industries.”

The Laminate Analysis Program can be used to analyze any type of composite laminate subjected to in-plane loads and moments; and since a flat laminate has no fixed size, the analysis can be applied to any composite component.  Typically, the software is used in the preliminary design for tailoring a stacking sequence, then analyzing the composite component with other methods, such as FE, and finally optimizing the design by inspecting the laminate behavior layer by layer. The simplicity of the analysis ensures universal applicability, since it is not limited by structural shape.

The software maintains its emphasis on ease of use and fast, efficient, robust solvers. While the program has powerful features that make it an ideal tool for the demanding expert, newcomers to composites can complete simple tasks within minutes. The software is used by companies in aerospace, shipbuilding, car racing, and other industries, as well as in academic environments and professional teaching.

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CoDA is based on several years’ research from the Composites Group at the National Physical Laboratory in the United Kingdom.  It can be used to undertake preliminary analysis of sub-components with plate, beam, joint, flange or laminate geometries, which will enable accurate sizing, potential materials and stacking sequences to be selected for further detailed investigation. CoDA synthesizes the properties of composite layers or laminates to be used in a seamless manner within the design modules. The integration of the modules allows for instantaneous assessment of the effect of changes on any input parameters. CoDA modules also provide “what-if” scenarios for users to rapidly evaluate graphically any output result as a function of variable input data.

“With CoDA and LAP, the HyperWorks Partner Alliance evolves to the next level of technical capability, extending its offerings in the composites arena and advancing Altair’s relationship with Anaglyph Ltd,” said Antoine Poussier, Altair’s vice president of global partner programs. “Anaglyph helps make the HWPA even more exceptional in its offerings and its flexibility, enabling users to unlock new innovations and create even better products.”

The HWPA successfully provides the most comprehensive offering of software applications across multiple relevant domains related to computer-aided engineering that positively affect the entire lifecycle of products. The addition of LAP and CoDA further enhances the flexibility of the HyperWorks Units and the overall value of Altair HyperWorks.

Established in 1995, Anaglyph Ltd has been providing cutting-edge technology engineering consultancy services in all aspects of industrial design, analysis and manufacture. The company’s in-house expertise is mainly on advanced structural applications, in particular those employing composite materials. Anaglyph was the first company to provide commercial composites-specialized software applications for PCs. Anaglyph’s products are highly competitive, as they offer excellent value for money in this niche market.  For more details, please visit

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Altair’s HyperWorks platform employs a revolutionary subscription-based licensing model where customers use floating licenses to access a broad suite of Altair-developed and third-party software applications on-demand. The HyperWorks Partner Alliance effectively extends the HyperWorks Platform from 28 internally developed solutions to more than 50 applications with the addition of new partner applications. Customers can invoke these third-party applications at no incremental cost using their existing HyperWorks licenses. Customers benefit from unmatched flexibility and access, resulting in maximum software utilization, productivity and ROI. For more information about the HyperWorks Partner Alliance, visit