DETROIT (WWJ) – Another influential voice is backing a second bridge crossing over the Detroit River to Windsor.

Don Walker, the CEO of Canadian auto parts giant Magna International, said he supports plans to build another international bridge because he sees too many trucks waiting to cross the border.

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“You don’t know whether you’re going to cross in 30 minutes or four hours,” said Walker.  “We can’t risk not having a delivery make it.  It just costs money.”

Walker said that if valuable auto parts are on trucks waiting to cross the border, they’re sitting on time and money.  He said that the holdup at the bridge results in an auto industry that’s less competitive in the world market.  And the longer it takes to cross the border, the more the parts end up costing.

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“We’re paying for the truck, we’re paying for the driver, (and) we’re paying for the inventory that’s sitting on the truck,” said Walker.

He believes another bridge will benefit the American and Canadian economies.

“On both sides of the border people understand the economic benefit,” he said.  “We just need to get through the crazy details that are holding it up.”

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Governor Rick Snyder has said he plans to by-pass the state legislature with an inter-local agreement in order to finalize the plans for the second bridge.