ANN ARBOR — Enkive, LLC., a provider of open source email archiving and e-discovery software, announced the release of Enkive 1.1.

Release 1.1 Features include:
* Message Retention Policy: Enkive 1.1 now has an improved ability to set a retention policy for how long to keep messages in the archive.
* Mongo Administration Tool: A simple administration tool for managing the Mongo Enkive database has been added. Currently this tool is just for ensuring all the proper mongodb indexes are in use, but this tool may be leveraged more in future releases of Enkive.
* Easier Installation The startup scripts we’ve shipped provide some helpful feedback when startup succeed, making installation and setup a little easier.
* Search Interface: Searching on email address fields are now case insensitive. Latest date searches now search until 11:59 p.m. of that day, not 12 a.m. of that day. For example, searching for messages from July 1, 2011 to July 1, 2011 will return all messages in the archive for July 1, 2011. Previously this would return no messages.
* Backend Changes: The most notable change to the backend is the arrangement of spring configuration files. In release 1.1 spring has been configured to use several files, making things a little easier for development and configuration of spring.; an improvement over the 1.0 release, where the whole spring configuration was in a single file, enkive-server.xml.

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This is the fifth release of Enkive is less than two years, during which the company has seen the number of downloads rise to around 10,000.

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“We are committed to continuous innovations with Enkive and welcome open source developers to join the project,” said Elizabeth Ziph, Enkive managing partner.

Enkive LLC, in partnership with The Linux Box Corp., offers three levels of support services — basic, standard and extended — and a host of professional services, including installation and custom configuration; migration of email from the current email system to the archive; and porting of data from prior versions of Enkive to Enkive 1.1.

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These services are described in details in