STERLING HEIGHTS — General Dynamics Land Systems has submitted its proposal for the U.S. Special Operations Command Ground Mobility Vehicle program. The proposal and a sample vehicle was delivered to Special Operations Command headquarters in Tampa, Fla.

The General Dynamics Land Systems GMV 1.1 vehicle is optimized to increase operator and occupant protection and survivability.  It meets the diverse and challenging missions that special operations demand, including transportability, mobility, modularity and technology.

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The General Dynamics Land Systems GMV 1.1 is designed for internal fixed- and rotary-wing transport with a center-mounted engine that provides optimal weight distribution on the ground and inside an aircraft. It is a mission-ready, high performance vehicle that can be driven off an aircraft ready for use. The vehicle’s modular technology is rapidly configurable for a variety of special operations missions and operating environments.

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General Dynamics Land Systems performed extensive testing over a two-year period to validate the vehicle’s design and performance.  The vehicle passed user trials at the U.S. Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona and the Nevada Automotive Test Center, and demonstrated its systems reliability during summer trials in the United Arab Emirates.

The GMV 1.1 program includes plans to acquire up to 1,300 vehicles for special operations missions with requirements for air transportability, weapons capabilities and high mobility.  Contract award is expected by January 2013 with production expected to begin in 2013 and ending mid-2020.

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