SOUTHFIELD (Talk Radio 1270) – Gov. Rick Snyder’s International Bridge Crossing between Detroit and Windsor may not be a done deal.

That’s according to Detroit International Bridge Company spokesman Mickey Blashfield, speaking with Talk Radio 1270 morning show host  Charlie Langton on Monday. The Bridge Company is run by the Moroun family, which owns the original Ambassador Bridge and is fighting hard to build the second one on their own.

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Blashfield said they’ve gathered enough signatures to get a petition on the ballot to let voters decide the issue this November.

“This is an exclusive for you. We are now over the threshold of 332,000. We have exceeded that. We are now making gravy. We will be on the ballot,” he said.

Blashfield said that, following Gov. Snyder’s announcement last week, the signatures just started pouring in.

“I remember we had a real run up, all last week … all the wonderful earned media for the governor’s day in the sun. I don’t think they intended the reaction to be what it was,” Blashfield said.

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Snyder on Friday stood with Canadian officials in Windsor, announcing a deal to build the new bridge that will span the Detroit River south of the existing Ambassador Bridge.

According to a summary of the agreement, provided by the governor’s office, Michigan won’t be obligated to pay any of the costs for the project. Both countries would be represented on a bridge board, and a Canadian entity would handle design, construction and operation of the bridge.

Snyder said construction costs for the bridge itself are estimated at $950 million. (View more details of the agreement).

He said Michigan would benefit from the project by way of increased international trade was well as jobs created by the project.

Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Maroun has publicly opposed the project in favor of a second span that would be in his control.

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