DETROIT (WWJ) – Although it is said to be a sign of clean water, the annual hatch of fish flies on the waterfront of Lake St. Clair has St. Clair Shores residents dreading the storm of insects that will soon cover their homes and sidewalks.

One St. Clair Shores resident said the bugs cover nearly every outdoor surface.

“Theyre just annoying,” she said.  “They’re in the windows, they’re in the yard, they’re outside, they’re everywhere.”

Resident Jerard Bouret, who can see the lake from his doorstep, said he has to remove  fish flies from the front of his home almost every day and still can’t get rid of them all.

“I tried water, but it’s more messy,” Bouret said. “So now I use a blower, and it’s better. They go away, but some come back.”

Despite the mess and annoyance,  St. Clair Shores resident Doug Tylenda said fish flies are a big part of the food chain.

“Everything’s feeding on them,” he said. “The fish are feeding on them, and the birds are feeding on them.”

To the relief of residents, the fish fly invasion typically lasts only two to three weeks until they finish hatching.

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