FARMINGTON HILLS (CBS Detroit) As the alleged perpetrators face an afternoon court hearing, good news was released Tuesday in the Cipriano case.

Salvatore Cipriano, 17, who was critically injured when his brother and a pal allegedly beat him and the rest of the family with baseball bats, has been released from the hospital and into a rehabilitation center. Mother Rose Cipriano, 51, is already in rehab and now reportedly walking and talking.

“Many of you have been in close contact regarding the condition of Salvatore Cipriano. It with a great deal of caring and hope for his continuing recovery that we share the news that Sal was discharged late this morning to a rehabilitation facility with a specialty unit for closed head injury patients,” said a release from Botsford Hospital.

“The staff at Botsford has become very close with Sal and his family during the two months that he was hospitalized at Botsford. We will be thinking about Sal and his family for some time hoping to hear that their health and lives are moving forward.”

Rose’s sister Beth Trahan revealed on the Cipriano Support Facebook Page that Rose Cipriano is walking the halls of the rehab center and talking.

“Well, what a great week!!,” Beth Trahan wrote on Facebook. “Salvatore on his way to rehab hopefully, Rose walking the halls of her rehab place, no more wheelchair for her. She does need to stop talking once in awhile to eat!! :) SO go Salvatore, Go Rose..we are all so proud of you!! Keep moving forward!!”

The two men accused in the deadly Farmington Hills baseball ball attack are expected to be arraigned in Oakland County Circuit Court Tuesday afternoon on first-degree murder charges.

Nineteen-year-old Tucker Cipriano and 20-year-old Mitchell Young were ordered to stand trial earlier this month, accused of breaking into the Cipriano home on April 16 and attacking the family with baseball bats.

Tucker Cipriano’s father, Robert, 52, was killed in the attack that left his mother and brother critically injured. Two other children, Salvatore’s twin brother, Tanner, and 8-year-old sister, Isabella, hid during the brutal beating and escaped unharmed after calling 911.

Tucker Cipriano and Young face life in prison if convicted on charges of first-degree premeditated murder, first-degree felony murder, assault with intent to murder and armed robbery.

The baseball bat attack was allegedly fueled by drugs and the desire to break into a safe in the family’s home. According to witness testimony in the first installment of the arraignment, Tucker Cipriano and Young had talked about murdering a family for about two weeks before they allegedly went berserk in the Cipriano home.

Family and friends are raising money for the Cipriano family trust with barbecues and other fundraisers. Get more information on fundraising efforts here.


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