By: Mike Valenti

THE DREAM: Feeling pressure from owner Tom Gores and fans Joe Dumars makes a bold, costly and certainly risky move by trading into the Top 4 to get Kentucky SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. In my opinion the safest player in the draft and one of the most versatile. Total Piston right here. Hard worker, good kid, plays D like a bat out of hell.

COST: The No.9 and next year’s 1st round selection unprotected…maybe more.

ODDS: 5%

If it happened it would spark a dormant franchise that has almost no excitement factor. MKG is a tough, smart and versatile wing player that would help ignite this team at both ends of the floor. It would also give the Pistons a third young talent to build around at one of their biggest needs, the wing.

THE HOPE: With a few red flags on effort and attitude UCONN Center Andre Drummond falls to No. 6 or No. 7 and Pistons pounce. Again it requires a move. Could Drummond fall to No.9? Yes. But the odds of someone jumping the Pistons to go and get him at No.8 make that extremely unlikely.

COST: Could cost you future first rounder, could cost a player. Could cost the both. I simply do not know. Chad Ford of ESPN has several teams including Portland at No.6 dying to move but nobody knows the cost. Easier to project getting higher than a smaller move here. Personally I’d give No.9 and future first rounder (not next year) to get Drummond.

ODDS 20%

Drummond represents the Pistons biggest need, a long, strong, athletic shot blocking freak. His post game is raw and while he won’t be featured in post, he will protect Monroe and be the help side defender and paint protector this team needs. He also gives Knight a partner for the alley-oop and transition game. Drummond is massive at 6’11 275-pounds and is an athletic freak. In my mind he’s a project worth taking on.

THE REALITY: Pistons do what they do best…nothing. They sit and quietly select North Carolina string bean John Henson. What Henson lacks in brute force he makes up for in his immense athletic ability and shot blocking skills. He might be 215-pounds and will require at least two years to get his body out of Austin Daye range. That said, he also fills the off ball defensive need the Pistons have since Monroe struggles badly on defense and not to be rude…isn’t a great athlete. Henson could protect the paint, protect Monroe and just as with Drummond be that high flyer both on the break and in the halfcourt that Brandon Knight needs down low.

ODDS: 75%

I’ll try to update this as Draft Day approaches and new info comes out.

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