FARMINGTON HILLS — Critical Signal Technologies, an independent provider of telehealth monitoring services and personal emergency response systems, Monday announced the release of the Breadcrumb BC 300 — a GPS locator device used to monitor individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Breadcrumb BC 300 uses GPS technology to alert caregivers when patients with the disease wander from home or designated area.

Developed in conjunction with The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, the Breadcrumb BC 300 is secured around a person’s ankle using a lightweight standard hospital band.

The device sends tracking information every 15 minutes to the CST Care Center, monitored 24/7, pinpointing the patient’s exact location. If the patient wanders away from home or designated area, an electronic alert is immediately sent to the CST Care Center.

In addition, loved ones are able to monitor a patient’s exact location from any PC or Smartphone with an Internet connection.

“Breadcrumb BC 300 is a critical tool in monitoring patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia to keep them safe in the event they wander away from home,” said Jeffery Prough, president of Critical Signal Technologies. “This not only gives the patient peace of mind, but family members and caregivers as well.”

Statistics indicate that approximately 60 percent of Alzheimer’s patients will wander. Of those found within 12 hours, there is a 93 percent survival rate. In contrast, those who are lost more than 72 hours have only a 20 percent survival rate.

Breadcrumb BC 300 is the only system currently available that has been clinically tested and endorsed by The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

“Wandering is a major concern with Alzheimer’s patients, and unfortunately in some instances serious injuries or death has occurred,” added Prough. “With 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals in the CST Care Center, family members can rest assured they will be notified immediately if their loved one wanders away from home.”

Founded in 2006 by security and medical monitoring expert Jeffery S. Prough, CST is dedicated to helping its clients stay safe and healthy in their homes. CST is the nation’s largest independent provider of personal emergency response systems and is one of the most innovative and respected providers of TeleHealth monitoring services. CST provides 24-hour personal emergency response monitoring services and related products to subscribers who wish to continue to live independently in their home. Subscribers are connected to the Company’s 24-hour, state-of-the-art Care Center monitoring facilities where highly trained professionals are staffed to administer dedicated and intimate service. For more information, visit

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