ANN ARBOR — Advanced Photonix Inc. (NYSE Amex: API) announced that it has received orders from its value-added reseller, Thermo Fisher Scientific, for its T-Gauge industrial terahertz gauging system. These systems are scheduled to be delivered late in second quarter of this fiscal year and deployed on the factory floor shortly thereafter.

The T-Gauge measurement systems will be used for quality control of multilayer commercial industrial products. The system will measure the layers and provide feedback for adjusting the amount of material to ensure the quality of the product and reduce material costs. The advantage of the T- Gauge system is that it can measure the layers directly in real-time and closer to the source than other technologies, making a bigger impact on the manufacturing processes.

The T-Gauge system is designed to be deployed on the industrial factory floor for process and quality control applications requiring non-contact measuring of physical properties, such as multiple layer thickness measurements, density, contamination by foreign substances, sub-surface defects within a product and moisture analysis. The T-Gauge is non-nuclear and operates at speeds that make it ideal for web processing and converting solutions. The system can be used on-line or off-line to help manufacturers to improve quality and reduce costs by collecting more information and tightening tolerances than previously available.

“This marks the first sale of our new T-Gauge measurement system for deployment on the factory floor and our continued penetration into the industrial market with our world leading terahertz instrumentation,” said president and CEO Richard Kurtz. “This is an exciting time for us and our partners as we are beginning to see real traction in the market.”

Terahertz radiation occupies a spot on the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared light. Little understood and hard to generate before the 1990s, “T-rays” are now being eyed for a variety of testing and security applications. Among their most interesting properties — they “see through” many materials without packing the damaging, ionizing punch of X-rays.

Advanced Photonix provides optoelectronic products and systems, high-speed optical receivers and terahertz instrumentation for telecom, homeland security, military, medical and industrial markets.

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