By Sara

After the Roger Clemens trial was over, I thought the baseball steroid scandal would be put to bed. Well it is rearing its ugly head again, but this time I am not surprised.

In a new interview for Playboy, Charlie Sheen tells the magazine that when he was doing the movie “Major League” he was also doing steroids to bulk up his game for film.

Charlie told Playboy, quote, “I wanted to put a little zip on my fastball. I didn’t want to look like I was lily-arming it up there. I was always a hit-the-spots, low-zone pitcher, but my character, Ricky Vaughn, is a flamethrower. With steroids I went from a modest 78 miles-per-hour to a decent 85, which on film can be made to look in the 90s.”

Even as late as 2007 (while shooting a commercial for DirecTv that would feature the movie “Major League”) Sheen showed he still had some serious baseball power when he hit one out of Dodger Stadium.

Sheen swears that his time with steroids was very short and that he stopped taking them after three months of filming. In the Playboy interview Charlie says, “I got injured a lot afterword. Steroids build your muscles, but they don’t build your tendons or ligaments. Once you start altering your body’s blueprint, things start falling apart.”


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