EAST LANSING — Anderson Economic Group Thursday announced the launch of a new company and new software to help investors assess risky investment opportunities.

Supported Intelligence LLC was founded by Anderson Economic Group, an East Lansing firm providing research and consulting in economics, finance, market analysis and public policy since 1996. AEG’s clients include private and publicly traded companies, state and local governments and non-profit organizations in markets throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

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Supported Intelligence software incorporates the firm’s Rapid Recursive methodology for valuing investments and strategic options. This patent-pending methodology was developed over six years by AEG principal and CEO Patrick Anderson and a team of experts in financial consulting, risk analysis, and computer software applications. The Rapid Recursive methodology applies advanced concepts from mathematics and computer programming to assess risky investment opportunities and the ability of managers to react to changing circumstances.

The first product using the Rapid Recursive methodology is scheduled for release in September. The cost for user licenses will range from $500 to $3,500. The product will benefit financial analysts, economists, academic researchers, banks, venture capitalists and decision-makers in all  industries contemplating major investments, ranging from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, to oil and natural gas, commercial real estate and retail developments, and more.

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“The Rapid Recursive method achieves the first major improvement in decades in the quantitative model used to assess investment risk,” said Anderson, a recognized authority on business valuation and economics.  “It is a powerful new software that simplifies the process of assessing uncertainty and making decisions. Traditional methods such as discounted cash flow fail to consider the strategic opportunities that are available. The Rapid Recursive method is a revolution in risk analysis and decision-making.”

More information about the initial Rapid Recursive product will be released near market launch on the firm’s web site, www.SupportedIntelligence.com.

Supported Intelligence is headquartered in the East Lansing offices of AEG. The new company is in the process of adding staff, including additional senior management, and finalizing the Rapid Recursive product for the September launch. Anderson is serving as interim CEO of Supported Intelligence, with Scott Watkins and David Quach from AEG serving as the Interim CFO and lead developer, respectively. Anderson and Watkins plan to continue in their leadership roles with AEG as a permanent management team is established for Supported Intelligence.

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In October, Anderson’s new book, “The Economics of Business Valuation,” will be published by Stanford University Press. The book advances the theoretical foundations for the Rapid Recursive model. He has written more than 100 other published works, including the book Business Economics and Finance and the chapter on business valuation in the book Litigation Economics. He is also the executive editor of three editions of the State Economic Handbook. His 2004 article “Pocketbook Issues and the Presidency” and his 2009 paper “The Value of Private Businesses in the United States” were recognized for outstanding writing by the National Association of Business Economics. Anderson’s views on the economy are often cited by national news media including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, National Public Radio and Fox Business News.