DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s a first for the city of Detroit — immediate financial help for homeowners facing foreclosures. Five non-profit organizations have received federal funds to help make payments on behalf of Detroit residents behind on their mortgage.

Reverend Maurice Rudds with Project L.I.V.E. is one of the five non-profits involved with the program.

“This is legitimate effective help coming out of the city of Detroit. And, although there have been some negative things being said about Detroit, this is a program that actually works,” said Rudds.

“There have been people who have been helped already by this program – with three months behind and are now current,” Rudd said. “It’s paper work sensitive … when they qualify, they can get that help immediately.”

Linda Smith is executive director of U-SNAP-BAC: “We are trying to help stabilize our neighborhoods, so this was part of the overall plan, to keep people in their homes, in the city, because many of us are living around homes that have been abandoned because of foreclosure,” she said.

Avis Holmes is with the Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation, another of the five groups selected to disperse the funding.
“You have to be a resident, have to live in the home and the program will pay up to three months at $4,000 or less,” said Homes.

The money, $1.2 million dollars, is part of the community development block grant recovery fund.

The deadline to apply is September 30th.


Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation

Project LIVE


Faith Community Home Buyer

Southwest Solutions

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