By Mark Drum
CBS Detroit Blogger

Let’s review, Willie (Survivor Russell Hantz’s Brother) was selected to be HOH after his coach Britney choose him, as well as Shane and Jojo, for her team. Willie then puts Frank (who’s on Boogie’s team) and Kara (who’s on Dan’s team) up for elimination.

We start off after the nomination ceremony. Frank & Kara have been nominated. Janelle and Britney (the two female coaches) think they’re the two strongest players for Dan & Boogie (the two male coaches). So it’s the Blonde Ambition Alliance (Janelle & Brittany) vs Chilltown 3.0 (Dan & Boogie). This is where the houseguests are realizing it’s a game and that people will soon be getting the boot. The houseguests need to now realize it’s time to play the game, if they haven’t already done so. I did enjoy the moment where Dan comforts Kara and like a good coach, motivates his players and tells them not to show fear to the enemy. While Boogie’s approach is to tell Frank how it is by saying not to freak out and that Kara is probably breaking, like all female players in the game do.

Boogie’s no emotion towards women is sad and he’s not someone I’d like to be on a team with or be associated with. I found it funny though Janelle and Britney were on top of the world with how their plan came together. Last time I checked at the end of the day it’s up to the HOH. But then again this is a different game so I guess you could say Willie did rely on his coach for guidance. Don’t get too cocky ladies, as you know this game flip-flops by the day.

Poor Ian — for being a superfan, he sure looks like a floater to me. If being funny is his social game strategy, I would’ve nominated him, but by the power of his coach, he got a free pass to next week.  It was funny, however, seeing him kick himself in the head. It’s a really neat talent, but not something I would share just for a laugh … or at all. I did laugh however at the fact that Boogie talks about how he was in the “greatest alliance ever” for two seasons and then condescends one of his chosen players. It’s pretty sad that he doesn’t have confidence in his houseguests. This is the second time he’s done this. He’s already thrown Jen under the bus with a conversation with another coach. No wonder Willie selected Frank to be nominated.

I really do enjoy the POV competitions. They’re always unique and the sets are very intricate. Plus the amount of time and manpower to get all those set pieces together is a testament to what CBS and Big Brother have done to make it all work smoothly. As mentioned how POV competitions work, the two nominated houseguests, the HOH and three randomly selected houseguests play. Then the HOH chooses a host for the game. Willie selected Danielle. Kara selected Shane. And Frank selected Wil. My first thought is since Willie and Shane, Danielle and Kara are on the same team, wouldn’t it be smart to talk to one another, to work together and make sure their team wins? Apparently not, as Frank and Kara somehow get roped into talking to Shane, who is campaigning to have him help them out. A plus for Shane, since Frank and Kara see him as a strong competitor. However they forget it’s not all just physical challenges. It’s also mental. Oh and Jojo is selected as host for the game.

So the object of the game was to make the correct amount of change, $1.30 and put it in their change slot. In the end it was neck and neck between Shane, Frank and Willie. In the end Shane was the winner — securing his place and the chance to remove a player from eviction. Then the current HOH selects another player to go up for elimination. Once the game was over the campaigning continued. Shane appeared to be weighing his possibilities of getting further in the game — when really he was just baiting them on. In the end of the episode he decides not to use the POV and keep the nominations the same. His saving grace is how he motivates the houseguests — letting them know it’s not over and to start rallying for votes.

While that was going on, the coaches continued their own strategies of making sure their houseguests stay … specifically Dan & Boogie. Boogie continued to use his “persuasion” to convince Britney to have Shane get Frank off the chopping block while also trying to talk to Janelle about getting Frank the votes to stay. Then Janelle uses that to her advantage — telling Dan that Boogie is talking about getting Dan out of the game and out of the $100,000 prize for the coaches. Dan of course doesn’t take that lightly and proclaims not to play a “renegade.”

My Coaches Ranking:

  • Janelle – She’s playing the game like a coach should and not getting overly cocky but making sure her houseguests are safe.
  • Britney – Doesn’t seem to be doing as much coach as riding the coattails of her houseguests, playing and being in an alliance with Janelle.
  • Boogie – Trying to make plays is good, however, is that enough? I like that he’s playing aggressive. Hopefully it’s not too much.
  • Dan – Kara is breaking down and I’m concerned that will be Dan’s demise. Danielle is a very weak link for his team. You’re only as strong as your weakest link and during the POV competition it didn’t look so great.

Top houseguest for the night – Shane

He proved himself during the POV competition. He played smart and it paid off.

Weak player for the night – Jojo

She’s a floater in this game. It’s official. Your immaturity showed after the POV competition. Also she’s not funny with her Jersey accent and her attempt of southern was cute but she’s that typical “Jersey Girl” as she likes to call herself.

Who’s going home – Frank

Why keep a strong player in the game? Get rid of a strong player now. Also, I’m partial to Kara since she’s on Dan’s team. Which for the first week isn’t the biggest threat but in the future might become one. Only time will tell.

We’ll see who goes home tomorrow at 8 p.m. on CBS 62 in Detroit.

Also America’s Vote is back, where we have control of something in the game. This time around viewers will control what the Have Not houseguests eat. My personal choice is pork rinds and pudding. I like both and wouldn’t mind eating them for a week. The worst choice would be liverwurst and licorice. Tofu and taffy would be too bland. Either way, it’s our choice, so make it count by voting at

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