LANSING (WWJ) – According to a new Lansing-based poll, President Barack Obama trails Mitt Romney just a bit in the state of Michigan.

The poll, released by Mitchell Research, shows the GOP candidate leading the President by 45 to 44 percent. The margin is essentially thought of as a tie with little changed from their poll of a month ago.

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These poll results stand in contrast to the results of a recent poll from Public Policy Polling, which gives President Obama a 53 to 39 percent lead over Romney.  Yet another poll, by Rasmussen, gave the Michigan edge the President, 48 percent to 42 percent.

While some Democrats say the Michell Research poll is right-slanted, Mitchell told WWJ Newsradio 950 he stands behind his numbers.

“Our company has been the most accurate media pollster in Michigan in every presidential election since 1992. We have been, I think, no further than a point-and-a-half away from the actual results in our final poll,” Mitchell said.

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Mitchell said that, ultimately, the race in Michigan will boil down to independents. And, with that in mind, he said Romney has a significant lead.

“Among the independent voters — those who are not affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican party —  Mitt Romney has increased his lead from 5 percent, in our poll just one month ago, to 10 percent now,” said Mitchell. “So he has clear momentum with that very important band of voters.”

Mitchell said the gap in voter preference among gender has shrunk, but Mitchell thinks that helps Romney because at this time, more men are voting for Romney than women are voting for President Obama.

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Mitchell said he believe the President is still very much in the race, but will now have to spend more money in Michigan.