By Mark Drum
CBS Detroit Blogger

So with the exit of Willie, America and the houseguests are left with the question — will there be an eviction this week? The answer, of course, is yes and that comes to the joy of Team Boogie. However for some of the other coaches and players it seems like they’re not getting any love from Big Brother in this game. Tears have finally been shed in this game! I’m excited because that means people are starting to break and for those players that start to break it’s a matter of fighting or give up.

Backdoor Strategy

Was anyone surprised that Boogie & Janelleeventually worked together or maybe have been since the beginning? I do enjoy that both know that their working together will eventually end when one of them starts to turn, which I’m going to look forward to because it’ll probably be a battle between Janelle & Boogie or Frank & Joe or Frank, Will & Joe. Personally, I think Jenn & Ian are riding the coattails of Frank and their coach Boogie. I have yet to see any real gameplay from them that proves to be worthy of being a player. However during the POV one of them proves their merit in this game. In the end Frank decides to put up Shane & Jojo for being loyal to Willie, their former team mate on Team Britney. I personally think that was the right move, to start to minimize Team Britney, but I would have loved to see someone nominated from Team Janelle. Yet again their team players are flying under the radar.

No Love For Jojo

With nominations looming — Jojo tried to avoid nomination. However Frank did tell her that she didn’t “heed” his advice. Which was if Jojo trusted Frank, Jojo would vote for Kara to be out. But Jojo voted to evict Frank and Frank called her out on that as well as pointed out that since Frank was now HOH that Jojo was just running to him to get save herself. I was laughing so hard!. Jojo sealed her fate. She did try but it wasn’t the best move. For fans of Dan, his wife Chelsea has been blogging for him about some of his strategies. If anyone saw the tweet Chelsea (@cgheesling) sent you would have seen a link to the entry of never blowing up in the bb house. If not here’s the link ( Even though Jojo didn’t blow up there’s some good advice from this article she could have used. Check it out guys, let Dan know what you think about the advice and let me know if you think Jojo would have benefited from it.

Ashley The Housewife

The bit on Ashley’s ideal man was quite funny. I wonder how long it took the editors and the film crew to get through Ashley’s chatter. After the showmance bit on Ashley & Ian dating, was anyone surprised that none of the houseguests asked if Ian was a possible ideal man? That would have been funny to watch, but they didn’t and now we are left to imagine. Speaking of imagine is anyone else put off by the ditziness of Ashley? Last time I checked she was in there to play a game, but it really doesn’t seem to be happening. If you saw the feeds last week or read them (like I do) Ashley was a possible swing vote (along with Wil) in possibility voting Frank out. However she didn’t think for herself last week and went along with her teammates as well as what her coach, Janelle thought was best. Ashley is also beginning to show signs of a player who’s floating in this game.

Order’s Up For The POV

It’s a memory game and the obvious choice is Ian for the win and my assumption is that Shane has no shot. Especially since Shane didn’t even look! Any team Shane fans out there? Were you screaming at your TV trying to tell Shane to check his menu? What made it even worse was having to wait through the commercials to find out. Thankfully Shane’s strategy worked and won the POV, to the delight of his team captain. However wasn’t it weird that Britney didn’t try to console Jojo? She really isn’t getting any love. America, did we really want Shane to win the POV? I say yes, because it gives Frank a run for his money but also puts a target on Shane’s back. Shane once again proves he’s in it to win it. I personally enjoy seeing players fight to save themselves from being eliminated. I will give credit to Ashley, in completing the POV. She took her time and still got some of the answers wrong. It doesn’t prove to me you’re a strong player or a threat — so that only leaves three options; weak player, floater or both.

Tough Love For Danielle From Dan

As we saw the POV unfold, Danielle tries to get some consolation from her coach, Dan. Dan will have none of it because he wants Danielle to fight for herself to stay in this house. Dan being the coach is doing what’s best for his players even if they might not think it’s best for them. Do you guys think it was right for Dan to give Danielle that cold shoulder? Also what happens with the showmance brewing between Danielle & Shane. Shane did make a good case to backdoor Wil. But it just wasn’t enough to save Danielle from going up the block. For Boogie and Janelle they’d really like to see Dan leave the house and lose his shot of winning the $100k. Was anyone else really mad that Frank didn’t nominate anyone from Team Janelle? During that little confessional where Frank knew he would eventually compete against them, he didn’t want to “stir the pot” just yet. That strategy is a bit weak and if it’s a matter of aligning yourself to getting into the finals, Frank would have nominated either Wil or Joe, but he went with the safe choice.

Coaches Ranking

  1. Boogie – He’s still sitting pretty at the top. Both Ian & Frank competed in the POV and proved their game play. If Frank wanted to keep his nominations he would have fought harder.
  2. Janelle – Two of her players played POV this week. Wil continues to show he can compete. Ashley made a valiant effort but it just wasn’t enough as well as it took too long to complete, which in a game where you need to be quick but know stuff, taking it slow only works in endurance competitions. Yet again Janelle’s houseguests get another save this week.
  3. Britney – With both her players fighting to stay in the house and both completing the competition in the top three shows that Britney did select some strong players. if people remember how Britney played in her season (season 12) she wasn’t the strongest and got duped by Lane and Hayden in the final three. Hopefully she can work something out to save Jojo for another week.
  4. Dan – Seems like our Michigan man isn’t getting any love with his coaching on my ranking or in this game. However, I still have hope he can work his way back up. Let’s hope his tough love strategy works on Danielle and she fights to keep herself in the house. So us Michiganders and America can still see him coach his player to victory. Or at least Jury house, where I honestly think she’ll get.

Strongest Player For The Night – Shane

Two for two for Power of Veto competitions. I would be worried as a houseguest if I were competing against Shane, but I’d also be concerned for Shane as well. Shane is proving to be a strong player which as I’ve said earlier puts a target on your back. Nobody likes strong players especially if that gets in the way of them winning the half a million dollar prize. Like I said earlier too, he’s in it to win it!

Weakest Player For The Night – Jojo

Never backtrack what you say, it’ll come to back to bite you.

Floaters Of The Game – Jenn and Ashley

Jenn is riding the coattails of her coach and Frank, the current HOH. I have yet to see any other houseguests try to work with her or any strategy to show she’s trying to stay in the game.
I think I’ve said what I needed to say about Ashley. As with many floaters in the past, they win this game and right now it seems like Ashley is sitting pretty.

Prediction Of Who’s Going Home – Jojo

If the houseguests were smart, they’d eliminate her. Nobody likes someone who’ll flip flop for votes to keep themselves in — especially throwing other people under the bus in the process. Plus I’m a Team Dan fan, so I’m just hoping Danielle can survive another week and maybe … just maybe compete in the HOH competition to a victory.

HOH Competition Prediction – Endurance

It would only seem right if they did an endurance challenge for the next HOH competition. Also, it’ll give those who I mentioned as floaters a chance to prove themselves in a competition. When many of the “stronger” players (mainly the guys) can’t handle the endurance. The ladies come out on top in these competitions, which creates more drama and “game changers” for the Big Brother house. Plus it entices audiences to subscribe to the Live Feeds or (my personal choice) wait until a Big Brother fan site posts the spoilers. Of course I wouldn’t give away that spoiler in my breakdowns.

America’s Vote: My Choice – Cereal & Salmon

The following three are the options for the houseguests:

  • Cereal & Salmon
  • Garbanzo Beans & Giblets
  • Lima Beans & Lemons

I would choose Cereal & Salmon because you can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch or dinner or have it as a snack, while salmon is healthy for you and I enjoy seafood. So if I were a houseguest in that house I would thank America for that. Just like I would have thanked them for Pork Rinds & Pudding. In terms of the other two choices I wouldn’t be a fan of beans. Why you ask? Beans give you gas and nobody wants to hear farts on live feeds, but it would be funny to see the houseguests’ reactions. So maybe for some comedy, vote for the beans! I’d want the houseguests to get something I know I would enjoy.

We’ll see tomorrow whether my prediction on who gets eliminated tomorrow is correct as well as if we’ll see our first endurance competition. Will Julie Chen announce to the houseguests another twist? Tune in tomorrow to CBS 62 at 9pm Detroit! I’ll be watching!

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