DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit Pastor Marvin Winans, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Congressman John Conyers and a number of other community leaders are asking people to come together as they call to revive a ban on assault weapons during a press conference on Sunday.

President of Rainbow Push Detroit, D. Alexander Bullock, says there’s a rising tide of violence across the nation and people are losing their faith in law enforcement.

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“We must restrict people’s access to assault weapons, if folks were addicted to drugs we would restrict their access to drugs … addicted to children, pedophiles, we’d restrict their access to children, when people are addicted to violence, we must restrict their access to assault weapons,” said Bullock.

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Bullock says they must restrict people’s access to assault rifles calling it a recipe for disaster when folks can arm themselves with the high-powered weapons.

“CCW applications are up in the city of Detroit and in the county of Wayne. In the state of Michigan the people are arming themselves and I think the connection is we are heading towards a dangerous collision when folks are arming themselves and lose faith in law enforcement,” said Bullock.

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The push is in response to the mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater during a midnight showing of the “Dark Knight Rises.”