Carol Cain, Emmy-winning producer and host of “Michigan Matters,” is profiling the three Republican candidates vying to run against Debbie Stabenow for the U.S. Senate position in Michigan’s August 7th primary. Today’s candidate is Clark Durant, who has come under fire from opponents over pay issues at Cornerstone Academy. Read more on that HERE.

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Michigan Matters: GOP Senate Candidates Seg 1Video Interview

Age: 63

Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Campaign Slogan: “Rebel With A Cause”

Durant is an entrepreneur and educator who co-founded the innovative Cornerstone Schools in Detroit. He has positioned himself as the candidate with the vision and experience to get the right things done.

His Cornerstone Schools graduate 95 percent of students from high school in a city where graduation rates have floated as low as 25 percent. Twenty years ago, he turned around the troubled Ann Arbor Rail Road when it was on the brink of bankruptcy. He says he will bring a fresh perspective to Washington as he has worked successfully outside the beltway in solving problems.

“I am the only Republican who has had Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and Tea Party people who have signed and circulated petitions, given and raised money,” Durant says. “They show how I can reach across lines and garner support from all over. This is why I am the best person to defeat Sen. (Debbie) Stabenow and represent all of the people of Michigan.”

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