Controversy erupted after the Detroit Tigers updated their Facebook page Tuesday with new cover art that appears to show the team’s reaction to the “Star Spangled Banner.”

While coach Jim Leyland and other players have their caps off their heads and placed over their hearts with their heads bowed, a few players weren’t following suit.

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Prince Fielder is wearing a doo-rag on his head, and Miguel Cabrera is looking up, appearing lost in thought.

The team’s Facebook fans immediately reacted with dozens of comments — many of them unhappy. Dan Eernisse wrote, “During the National Anthem your hand belongs over your heart.”

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Jeff DeRosia wrote: “Leyland should be ashamed of this pic and demand his players show respect.”

“Hopefully, the first chord was not yet struck,” chimed in Pete Reid.

While some defended players, saying people who aren’t native-born Americans don’t necessarily doff their hat and put their hand over their heart during the national anthem, an angry LeRoy Lincoln responded: “You are in the USA and it is a shame you have no clue what to do when the National Anthem is being played. Clearly there can be no excuse for such behavior from Professional Athletes who many look up to. Take the Glove off and put your Cap in your hand and then place your hand over your heart. Just look at your team mates they know and respect the flag. Hell you could not even take your ball cap off???? Why would you show such disrespect for the Flag of this Nation who is responsible for your wages??????????”

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See the Facebook page HERE and let us know in comments below — where do you stand?