By Mark Drumm, Big Brother Blogger

Janelle, aka “the Buxom Blonde,” has two of her houseguests up for elimination, while Boogie’s houseguests were safe. The Buxom Blonde was going to do what she does best, play the Big Brother game. But as a coach, she’s had to coach and campaign to keep her houseguests from being evicted. Let’s see if Janelle can work through this little setback.

Playing nice

Janelle’s advice to her team was that playing nice with Shane is in their best interest. Joe obviously wasn’t having any of it. Swallowing his pride, Joe tries to play nice with Shane. Now if we recall from the last episode, Joe made Shane breakfast and so it’s interesting to see Joe do a total 360. Joe’s playing nice wasn’t the greatest, but did make an effort. I was surprised not seeing the “Chilltown phone tree.” Was I sad not to see it? Absolutely not! Didn’t need to see Boogie gloating about his houseguests safety from nominations.

 Clowning around for the POV

America — I was right, Shane won the POV. What was surprising was how far Ashley went in the competition. Ashley definitely proved herself as a competitor to me in that POV competition. Joe fell to the pressure and was out first. I would have thought Danielle would be first off. Danielle was a bit of a surprise as well lasting longer than Joe, Wil and Frank.

Janelle’s Sacrifice & Joe’s Plea

Chanel earrings and her wedding ring: Ladies, would you sacrifice these items for safety? I was surprised by this gesture, however as psycho as the idea was it made Janelle’s point clear. She’s fighting for the safety of her houseguests. Did anyone else catch how excited Britney was at the possibility of getting the earrings and trying to get the eternity band? You definitely saw a side of Britney who likes materialistic things or was definitely power drunk and soaking it all up or maybe both.

Joe again tries to play nice with Shane. However, this time around he tries to pour emotion into his plea. Now if anyone who watches any reality TV knows — Just because you put your word on your family, the family isn’t there and they’re not playing this game for you. So to “swear on their life” is a bit extreme and unnecessary. Joe should have just promised Shane safety and ensure he’ll work with him.

Dan’s Sushi Party vs. Wil’s Birthday Bash

Two celebrations, sushi, a birthday and spin the bottle. America, it’s just another night in the Big Brother house. However what you didn’t see, but was on the live feeds, was Ashley and Boogie making out. I’m surprised they didn’t show it, but also thankful at the same time. I don’t think America could have stomached that, yet it would have been interesting to hear Ian’s take on it, since we saw him & Ashley kiss during the spin the bottle game. Dan’s sushi party was smart — it made sure the other coaches weren’t strategizing and kept the current HOH happy. But the best celebration of the night, hands down, was Wil’s. It was his birthday, but the party also involved alcohol and pent up houseguests. Dan’s party seemed a bit more refined and polite. What combinations would you have liked to have seen during tonight’s episode?

Janelle “backdoors” Frank

The hard work paid off for the Buxom Blonde. Convincing Shane to “backdoor” Frank now secures Joe safe as well as getting Ashley off the block. It was the best strategy for Shane, both in the game and for next week. Boogie obviously didn’t take it too well because even before the close of the POV meeting storms out. I was just waiting for the explosion to happen or a fight to go down. Alas, we America were not graced with an argument to blow out of proportion. Is it just me or are these houseguests just too nice? We have yet to see a really good argument arise, other than Willie’s downward demise. It is week three, but it seems like the show has gone longer. In any case, Janelle worked her Big Brother magic to get Frank on the block.

My Coaches Rankings

  1. Britney – She did do some nice strategies in this episode, including giving advice to Shane and trying to talk with Ian to ensure safety for her only houseguest left. Tomorrow, Shane will be sitting out of the HOH competition and leaving Shane & Britney a target to be put up for elimination.
  2. Janelle – If you couldn’t tell by this breakdown she’s obviously made up for Sunday’s episode. Janelle knows this game and will make sure to fight for her team. We’ll see how her houseguests do during the HOH competition tomorrow and if Frank will be evicted.
  3. Dan – Sitting pretty neither doing awful, but not doing great. I hate to say this but he and Danielle are kind of floating this week. However, it definitely takes the target away from them and it’ll be interesting to see how Danielle will fair in the HOH competition.
  4. Boogie – Poor Boogie, feeling a bit dumbfounded with what happened with the POV meet. Who can blame him, his best player was “backdoored.” I hope we see Boogie get heated and cause a fight. I want to see madness in this house and for this “Chilltown” founding member, he’s very likely to stir a few pot in the Big Brother house.

Top Houseguest of the Night – Shane

Why? Because he finally had the guts to put up Frank. Even though Shane said that he’d work with Frank, this game is definitely played out week to week. Shane was playing for himself and to ensure he can survive another week. We’ll see if he can get Frank out the door tomorrow.

Floaters of Big Brother

Wil – He was saved this week and didn’t do squat to really make an impact on this week’s game. Even though he was in the POV competition, he was the second to get eliminated.

Ian – Either he’s really floating or playing a really good game. From my perspective, Ian is floating and listening maybe a bit too much to his coach or maybe not enough. Ian hasn’t really talked strategy nor has he tried to make any alliances. So we’ll see how much further he’ll last.

Jenn – Another Boogie houseguest and I have yet to see how Jenn is playing the Big Brother game. The whole laying low strategy only goes so far and being noticed is a lot better than floating because you’ll either be considered a threat or making stupid moves. Either way you’ll get people talking about you.

Prediction for Eviction – Frank

I hope the houseguests get this right. Frank is a much bigger threat than Joe and Boogie needs to get his ego in check. I want to see Frank go home tomorrow! The vote will probably come down to 3-2 for Frank to be eliminated. Jenn & Ian being good minions of Boogie will vote for Joe, however for Wil, Ashley and Danielle they’ll be voting to send Boogie’s #1 pick home.

Prediction for America’s Vote

I’m going to be real sad when Julie Chen announces the option for the coaches to come back into the game. I hope you Michiganders and America listened to me and kept these former houseguests as coaches. However it’s going to happen and I for one am not happy about this. I would like to see Jodi, Kara or Jojo  come back into the game. But I’ve heard through the grapevines of the Internet and Big Brother fan sites that Jodi isn’t in sequester — however Kara & Jojo are.

However, skip the tape delayed sporting events on the other network and catch Julie Chen hopefully talk with her “homeboy” as Frank gets eliminated. Or see her talk with the loud-talking Chef Joe. I can’t wait to see how America voted and who’ll be eliminated. Plus will we finally get to see an endurance competition? I can only hope and tune in!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email