ST. CLAIR SHORES (WWJ) – He’s the Motor City’s answer to Weird Al Yankovic, and now Jimmy Lewis from St. Clair Shores is taking his gift of parody to the world of sports.

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This week he received tremendous praise as his You Tube diddy on the alleged Kate Upton/Justin Verlander romance went viral. Lewis re-imagined Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” as an ode to the bodacious bikini model with a song titled “Upton Girl.” And it’s been viewed nearly 35,000 times on You Tube.

While a romance between the Tigers ace and the blonde bombshell has not been confirmed, it is strongly rumored since they were spotted canoodling (yes, canoodling) at a Macomb County bar last month.

And Lewis sees that as nothing but trouble.

“Everybody started talking about ‘this is going to ruin his career,'” he told WWJ Newsradio’s Kathryn Larson about the superstar’s so-called “performance” issues since he was first spotted with Upton.

“He spends a couple of day with Kate Upton, he goes to the All-Star game, he looks awful, he can’t even get through the first inning and so they’re thinking this girl is going to wear him out,” Lewis added. “My studio’s all The Beatles. I think about John Lennon and they always say Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles, I say, ‘She’s going to be his Yoko Ono.'”

Apparently the inspiration was so strong that Lewis said writing the lyrics, which usually takes a week or so, took him only a few hours.

“All of a sudden, Billy Joel ‘Uptown Girl’ … ‘Upton Girl,’ it just came to me,” he explained.

The song became such a sensation that Lewis got his own feature in Sports Illustrated, the same place that launched Upton’s illustruous career.

“These are the same people talking to me … But I wasn’t going to wear a bathing suit,” Lewis said.

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Here are the lyrics to “Upton Girl” in case the opportunity arises for a sing-a-long:

Upton Girl

She’s been living in her Upton world
I bet she’s never had an M V P
I bet she’s never met one like J.V.

He’s gotta be with an
Upton Girl

He’s been living in his baseball world
As long as anyone with fastballs has
And now he’s looking for his big curve lass
She’s got the ass

And when he throws ‘One Oh One’
He can pitch No No’s
But now it seems like
This Kate might be his Yoko

Suddenly he’s not tough
Just because he’s been up on an
Upton Girl

You know I’ve seen her in that Swimsuit World
If just her photographs can wear me out
Imagine what the real girl’s about
She’ll wipe him out

And when she’s walking
She’s flaunting the goods
That’s when J.V. becomes baseball’s
Tiger Woods

We’ll see he’s not so tough
Just because he’s in love with an
Upton Girl

She’s been living in her Upton world
As long as anyone with double D’s
Can slowly take down a great M V P
She’s got J.V.

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Upton Girl
J.V.’s Upton Girl
Don’t you know he’s in love with an
Upton Girl
J.V.’s Upton Girl …