TROY — The Summer Olympics are under way and iDashboards, the Troy-based business intelligence dashboard software developer, is letting all of us track all the action.

The company has developed an interactive dashboard designed to allow visitors to explore countries’ past performances, track medal counts and stay up-to-date on the latest scorecard.

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The dynamic dashboard builds upon the success of iDashboards’ past specialty dashboards, including the 2008 Summer and 2010 Winter Olympics dashboards, and features an intuitive and graphically rich user interface.

Viewers are encouraged to share this year’s dashboard with other Olympic enthusiasts through blogs, Web sites and on social media profiles. Gain a new level of insight into the games by visiting–guestuser-worldsports/6mrqj/100708865.

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As medals are awarded the dashboard will become increasingly interactive, allowing users to drill down into each event and country for additional insight into the games.

The creation of this dashboard was an independent project and has not been endorsed by the International Olympic Committee.

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“We encounter data in every facet of our lives,” said Shadan Malik, President and CEO of iDashboards. “Creating these specialty dashboards provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate the power of data visualization in a way that is meaningful not only to business professionals, but also amongst the masses. Our team has worked to create a dashboard that not only provides Olympic fans with insight into the events but also captures the excitement of the games.”