DETROIT — The fine folks at are back with more job openings, more ways to earn big bucks by referring friends, family and acquaintances to job openings, and more tips for job hunting via email.

Here are the job openings:
* Kolene Corp. is hiring an administrative assistant
* Chase Plastics posted three positions, including a warehouse manager, a sales trainee and a sales administrator.
* Dialogue Marketing posted four positions, including a manager of developers, a senior .Net developer, a .Net developer and an account manager.
* Pridgeon & Clay is looking for a process engineer in metal stamping and a die technician.
* U.S. Farathane Corp. is hiring for a technical engineer, a programmer and a product development engineer.

Apply for jobs or refer your friends and earn money. Here are this week’s big bonus jobs:
* Quicken Loans — team relations specialist — $1,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Hella — hardware and manufacturing engineer — $2,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Shelby Paint & Decorating — sales associate — $1,000 hiring and referral bonus

Email Etiquette

With so much of the hiring process happening online, email communication is critical in establishing yourself as a qualified candidate. Every email interaction you have with potential employers will further shape their opinions about you. Use the following etiquette guide to ensure all components of your email represent you in the most professional way possible.

* Address
For starters, make sure you have a respectable email address. No more iceskater4life or sportsfan88, it’s time to upgrade. Gmail on Google and other free email services make it incredibly easy to create a new address. Use your first and last name (or a combination of the two) with as few numbers as possible. People should be able to identify who you are just by reading it.

* Signature
Create a professional signature for the bottom of your emails. Make it as short as possible and include pertinent information such as your full name, your college and graduation year, if you’re a recent grad, and ways to get in touch (phone/email). Use a black, common Web font like Sans Serif and check the formatting to ensure it looks clean and aligns properly. Be very cautious about including personal Web sites — when in doubt, leave it out.

* Response time
After you receive an email, try to respond within 12 hours. You want to show that you are tech savvy and on top of things. If you can’t respond in the first 12, the 24 hour window is still a good response time.

* Content
Keep the content of your emails short and to the point. People in the business world will probably have inboxes loaded with emails — don’t add to the clutter with a four paragraph response to a simple question. Use exclamation points sparingly and never use emoticons.

* Errors
Triple check your emails for spelling, grammar and contextual errors. Pay utmost attention to detail and ensure any files you want to send are uploaded and attached.  Nothing can discredit you as easily as a spelling error off the bat, so look carefully over the spelling of names — especially the company name.

Once you have your email address and signature in place, check your inbox frequently to stay connected with the people trying to contact you. If you use care when crafting emails, you’ll be one step ahead of the game in getting hired.


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