DETROIT — The fine folks from Detroit-based are back with yet another week’s worth of job openings, jobs for which you can earn big bucks by referring the eventual hire, and job interview tips.

So let’s get right to the openings, shall we?

* United Road posted a job for a manager of carrier relations
* TNG Worldwide Inc. posted right jobs, including a store manager, sales consultant and an accounts receivable clerk.
* Sync Technologies is looking to hire an application support developer.
* Rose Hill Center posted a position for an admissions c Coordinator.
* Qstride Inc. posted a job for a mobile iOS developer and a recruiter of talent acquisition.
* Nuspire Networks posted seven jobs, including a senior network security engineer.

And you can also earn big bucks by referring your friends to new jobs. Check out these referral rewards:
* Solid Cage is seeking a sales and business development staffer in Grosse Pointe, with a $1,000 hiring and referral bonus
* James O’Brien Associates is seeking a sales and businses development professional, with a $2,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Alper Services is seeking a sales and business insurance associate, with a $2,000 hiring and referral bonus
* BigMachines Inc. is seeking a customer support consultant with a $1,000 hiring and referral bonus

Tips: How to Carry Yourself in an Interview

While your credentials can get you an interview, the way you carry yourself greatly impacts the employer’s perception of you. Your body language communicates how confident, comfortable, and personable you are, so it’s important to develop self-awareness of your personal presence.

Use these tips in your next interview to be your most confident self.

* Stand tall, relaxed and comfortable. Hold your head high, shoulders back and walk with purpose. Think about your best qualities and embody them; you will charm the employer by being your authentic self. If you’re a woman and wearing heels, avoid slouching down if you’re meeting with someone shorter than you.  Be as you are and go confidently.

* Smile with your eyes. From the moment you are greeted, make regular eye contact with the interviewer.  You want to give them your utmost attention and they should visibly see how engaged and attentive you are. You can look down to take notes, just keep it natural and seamless.

* Shake hands with every person you meet. From the interviewer to anyone else they introduce you to, confidently go in for the hand shake. It’s a simple way to present yourself as a professional and assertive candidate. Any apprehension can be taken as a sign of nervousness, so perfect a firm, brief handshake and when in doubt, put your hand out.

* Sit with poise. After walking into a room, wait until you are offered a chair to take a seat. Sit with your back straight, leaning slightly forward on your chair. Be mindful of your hands — place them comfortably in your lap to maintain an open, relaxed position. Keep your hands in sight and avoid putting them in your pockets, or sliding them under your legs.

If you’re mindful of your body language, from your eye contact to your hand placement, you can position yourself as a confident, desirable candidate to the employer.


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