ANN ARBOR — The startup Spork LLC announced the launch of its first mobile application. Developed for iOS with iPhone users in mind, LeaseCrunch helps drivers keep track of their leased vehicle’s mileage in order to prevent overage charges.

By asking a few simple setup questions and requiring periodic odometer mileage updates, the application calculates where the user stands in the life of their lease, as well as projects where they will be when it’s time to turn the vehicle in, based on driving habits.

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“I was recently going through the process of leasing my first vehicle when I realized that I had no idea how many miles I drove a year — or a month, or a day, for that matter,” recalls Spork co-founder Jordan Brown. “As a huge part of lease pricing, mileage obviously wasn’t something I wanted to ignore. In thinking about how I could keep track of it once I got the car, I found myself dreading the idea of having to write the mileage down and bring it inside to enter it into a spreadsheet. That’s when I decided that I wanted the ability to do all of this in the palm of my hand. As an iPhone user, an iOS app became the obvious solution.”

Many who lease vehicles have little idea as to where they stand on mileage during the life of their lease. Unfortunately, reality hits the pocketbook hard when they go to turn in the vehicle at the end of the lease, only to find they’re over on miles and owe hundreds or thousands of dollars in overage fees. And for the more conservative drivers, no one wants to turn in their vehicle with thousands of miles less than they were allowed. Furthermore, those fastidious enough to keep a log of their driving habits have to rely on writing mileage stats down and transferring them to a computer which can be a pain to manage.

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By accurately monitoring your leased vehicle’s mileage, LeaseCrunch helps minimize the risk of overage charges and maximize your driving habits to ensure you drive every last mile that you’re paying for, and no more.

LeaseCrunch is currently on sale in iTunes and the App Store for $1.99.

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Founded by Ann Arbor residents Jordan Brown and Ross Johnson, Spork is the result of two friends deciding that they wanted to develop the mobile apps they’d always wished they’d had, but which no one had bothered to build the right way.