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Boogie and Frank are on the block and I couldn’t be more happy about this situation. Though this little cheer doesn’t last long since certain events happen tonight but some of my predictions from Sunday’s episode actually happen! I’m really looking forward to Double Eviction and the “Fast Forward Week” that will happen tomorrow night! The big story of tonight’s episode is Ian. How much longer can Britney & Dan protect this kid and when will Boogie realize it’s Ian ratting both him & Frank out?

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The Witch Hunt Is On

Boogie & Frank of course don’t take being nominated lightly and go immediately to the source. Shane pretty much throws his former coach, Britney under the bus when Boogie & Frank interrogate him. When really he could have just said it was Ian that gave him the information.

Frank’s paranoia than begins to put the blame on Dan, thinking it was all of his doing. Dan of course gets roped into being interrogated along with Britney, while Shane is there to witness this as well.

Luckily for Dan & Britney they’ve played this game once, so the interrogating that Boogie attempts to do isn’t budging with them, but it worked on Shane. Shane’s social game is pretty much inept and is getting pretty much by with his physical competitiveness as well as his alliance.

I really enjoyed the conversation between Dan & Britney. They’re finally realizing that having Ian as a mole is beginning to backfire since both Dan & Britney are having to do damage control and take the heat from Boogie.

Ian better watch himself or he’s going to be the first of the “Quack Pack” to go. As a Dan fan, I’ve been keeping up to date with his blog ( that his lovely wife, Chelsea has been updating while Dan has been in the game and one of his strategies going in is how to confront confrontations.

He’s been doing such a great job with how he handled the situation and it’s how he won his first season of this game. Also I’m surprised Frank didn’t get the hint when Dan swearing on his wife Chelsea that he was being truthfully honest. Dan wouldn’t bring up a loved one like Boogie would and so this was Dan being upfront.

But Boogie & Frank being all paranoid couldn’t get past their blinders to see Ian being the “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” this whole time.

Floaters Unite

In attempt to really get Dan nominated, it was interesting to see Boogie & Frank rally the floaters; Joe, Ian and Jenn. I will say that they forgot to include Ashley & Danielle. Even though Danielle is a strong alliance with Britney, Shane & Dan, she’s just as much as a floater as the rest of them and relying too much on others than figuring out her own gameplay.

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I was more surprised at how Jenn really attempted to get into Shane’s ear about nominating Dan. Which ultimately I think was her downfall because in the end she was nominated. I was cracking up seeing Jenn get all “beast mode” in her “Diary Room Confessional,” when she got nominated.

I’m glad that I predicted she was nominated and that we’re hopefully going to see her fight to save herself in this house. Let’s be honest Jenn is just a pawn nomination for this week for Shane.

But Jenn is clearly well aware that “pawns” have been known to go home than the target. So I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll do by tomorrow’s episode.

My Prediction of Eviction – Boogie

It’s about time this Chilltown founder gets the boot. It’s been real but it’ll be glad to see him go. The vote will be 6-1 and it will expose Frank as being the lone Chilltown 3.0 player and Ian isn’t to be trusted.

My Prediction for Fast Forward Week
HOH – Britney
For some strange reason I have a feeling that she’ll win this Fast Forward Week. During high pressure situations we’ve seen Britney actually do well under these situations. Plus if it involves memory she’ll give Ian a run for his money.
Nomination Predictions
If Britney were to win she would put up Frank & Joe.
POV Prediction
Shane wins the Fast Forward Week POV and keeps nominations the same.
Eviction Prediction
With a unanimous vote we’ll see Frank walk out the door just as Boogie left a few minutes earlier.

My America’s Choice Pick – Mozzarella & Matzo

So I would wouldn’t mind having these choices over the other two selections. You’re getting your carbs, protein and dairy. Also, the other two choice combinations were not appealing to me. We’ll see if I can be four for four in America’s Choice. Don’t forget to cast your vote HERE.

Tomorrow’s episode will be one surely not to miss. Will there be another twist other than the “Fast Forward Week?” Will we know if the two evicted houseguests become jury members. We’ll find out tomorrow at 9pm at CBS Detroit 62!

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