DETROIT — The fine folks from the CBS Detroit Job Desk are back with still more job openings, the opportunity to earn big bucks by referring your friends to job openings — heck, they don’t even have to be your friends — and tips for networking after work.

Life is short, so why wait? Here are the job openings:

* Allstate posted 17 jobs.
* Management Impact LLC posted a job for a media relations coordinator.
* Sun Communities posted 12 jobs, including a quality analyst, three office coordinator positions and a regional accountant.
* Quikkly is hiring for a director of business development.
* Nextek Power Systems is hiring for a vice president of sales.

Apply for jobs or refer your friends and earn money. Here are this week’s big bonus jobs:
* Sears — sales development account executive — $3,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Image One — managed print services technician — $2,000 hiring and referral bonus
* AEL-Span LLC — transportation management analyst — $2,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Solid Cage Inc. — business development executive — $1,000 hiring and referral bonus

Tips: Networking at After Work Events

While networking at an after work event, you probably have a lot on your mind — figuring out who you want to talk to, what questions to ask, how you will pitch yourself, and more. To ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible, make sure you have the networking etiquette basics down and it will be one less thing you have to worry about.

Read and remember these tips for your next event.
* Drink left, shake right. If you have a drink at the event, hold the napkin and drink comfortably in your left hand. Keep your right hand free to shake hands; nothing is worse than an awkward shuffle and a cold, slippery handshake. Don’t feel pressure to drink something alcoholic, water is always acceptable.
* Snacks OR drinks. Feel free to help yourself to the appetizers, but remember to keep a free hand for handshakes. If you have a drink, set it down on a table before eating. Enjoy the snacks in moderation, as excessive indulgence may not be perceived well.
* Say their name, say their name. When engaging in conversation after meeting someone new, use the other person’s name 2 or 3 times. This will help you remember them, and they’ll be more inclined to remember you and your attention to detail. When ending the conversation, use their name again to leave a lasting impression.
* Conversation exits. If you get caught in a group conversation and want to mingle with other people, there are ways to exit while minding your manners when you feel like you’re overstaying your visit. Tell the people in the circle it was great meeting them and excuse yourself to the washroom or bar. Or you can get more creative by introducing them to someone else, or finding someone nearby to branch out of the group and talk to.

Once you master the proper eating, drinking, and conversational etiquette, you’ll be able to focus your attention on the real reason you came: to make connections.


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