DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, joined by Mayor Dave Bing, is championing the efforts of a group of officers responsible for a major crime crack down.

The two-day effort, called “Operation Lockdown,” led to the arrests of 120 people, the seizure of more than $720,000  in drugs and the confiscation of several dozen firearms.

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Godbee said some of the people arrested were suspects homicide cases.

“To have 10 cases close, 13 of those individuals in custody, three more individuals identified that we’re actively pursuing — that is tremendously amazing police work,” he said.

While that’s a good haul over two days, Godbee said it’s just a drop in the bucket.

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“Literally, I could have a press conference every day about this type of work — we really could. But when we have it in this exceptional number in a concerted effort, we wanna show of the work,” he said. “But this is typical of what we do every day.”

Mayor Bing noted that the strides to combat crime come after an unfortunate but necessary 10 percent pay cut for city police officers.

“This 10 percent cut that’s been imposed … does not make me feel good at all,” Bing said. “I know the negative impact that it has on individuals and their families, and I wish that we at a better situation where I didn’t have to do it. But in order to bring our city back to financial stability, there’s pain that’s going around for all of us.”

This latest news from Detroit police comes one day since a judge failed to side with the officers’ union which opposed a move to 12-hour work days.

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“The city prevailed yesterday but nobody won,” Godbee said. “We don’t believe these are going to be permanent changes … but the 12-hour shift is the best option for now.”