By Ryan Wooley.

As the final week in August comes to a close, it means it’s time to bring you another addition of my weekly winners. As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter @WooleyMammoth85 and let me know whether you agree with my picks and if not, who you would put in their place.

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Brady Hoke.

Brady Hoke

It’s not very often you see a head coach at any level back up what he says to the media as you typically hear the same old rhetoric and “coach speak”, but Brady Hoke did just that by announcing that both Fitz Toussiant and Frank Clark will not play in Saturday’s game with Alabama.

Hoke said in a press release that it was a tough decision to make but it will be a life lesson for both players and one that they both will grow from.

I personally thought that both would play in the game with how big of a game it is and how much it would mean for Michigan to pick up the win, but hats off to Hoke for standing his ground and setting the bar high for how a player should act at the University of Michigan.

Kansas City Royals

Even though K.C. has nothing to play for they always seem to play the Tigers tough at the end of the season and did just that this past week by sweeping Detroit.

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Royals’ Lorenzo Cain.

Not only did they win all three by one run, they set the tone by knocking Justin Verlander around in the series opener.

Also in the process of taking the series, they may have all but eliminated the Tigers from playoff contention because they prevented Detroit from gaining any ground on the White Sox in the AL Central as Chicago fell to the Orioles in three of four games.

Seattle Seahawks/Philadelphia Eagles

Seattle Seahawks.

I know going 4-0 in the preseason is kind of meaningless as the wins don’t count for anything and we all saw what happened with our Detroit Lions in 2008 when they went 4-0—but there is something to be said about a team that wins all their games.

The wins build confidence in the franchise and help not only the player development on the field, but helps create a winning attitude in the locker room.

I truly believe with the Lions going 4-0 in 2011, it helped their confidence as they entered the season and got off to their 5-0 start.

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Perhaps the same thing will happen with Seattle and Philly this year as both look to make a statement within the NFC.