DETROIT (WWJ) – At this point in the year 1812, guns were blazing across the Detroit River as the U.S. fought off the British.

But, in commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812 on Wednesday, Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley explained that other parts of the state were also involved in setting us on our way towards becoming the maritime superpower that we are today.

“The very first land event was the taking by the Brits of Fort Mackinac and when you consider the Great Lakes hosted some of the most significant battles — being the Navy battles as well — and that was just an upstart American Navy that was fighting against a powerhouse British Navy and came out on top.”

Commemorative events are being held in Detroit and Windsor which were once mortal enemies. Roy Norton, Consul General of Canada in Detroit, noted how much things have changed.

“Canada and the United States are known internationally for being the closest friends, the greatest of allies and the best of customers — and so, indeed, it’s hard to imagine that 200 years ago, at this very moment, war was waging across this narrow river between the  United States and what became Canada,” Norton said.

Through September 10, visitors can attend a variety of Navy Week events in downtown Detroit.

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